Wednesday, February 27, 2008

March Fan of The Month

After a slight hiatus, the official Dr Pepper FAN OF THE MONTH is back! Nathan K. is our FAN OF THE MONTH for March, and he is a huge Dr Pepper fan!

"It is very difficult to put into words why I Love Dr. Pepper without coming across as trite or cheesy. From the logo and themes to the taste, Dr. Pepper has surpassed all other beverages. Hopefully the following will explain the reasoning behind my Love of Dr. Pepper.
Dr. Pepper has a magnificent taste. It has the right blend of flavors that work together to create the perfect soda. It’s a refreshing taste that helps me relax after a long day. I prefer the taste of Dr. Pepper above everything else. Dr. Pepper is the “King of Beverages.”
Over the years, Dr. Pepper has come out with many catchy logos, jingles, and themes. These have contributed to my Love for Dr. Pepper. I have used the logo in creating art, such as my Dr. Pepper portfolio and a Dr. Pepper lawn sprinkler. My living room has a Dr. Pepper color scheme as well as multiple Dr. Pepper paraphernalia. Also with catchy commercials how could anyone not want to “Be a Pepper” or crave a Dr. Pepper at the hours of “10, 2, and 4?”
Dr. Pepper is hands down my favorite beverage. From flavor to themes, I can say with confidence that I’m a Pepper and always will be. Dr. Pepper is, without a doubt, “Good For Life!”"

What an amazing Dr Pepper fan! If you would like to nominate yourself or someone you know for April FAN OF THE MONTH, email me at

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Dr Pepper + Sephora = Lip Gloss Magic!

Hello Dr Pepper lovers! I apologize for the long delay in between posts, but things have been so crazy around here! Today I want to tell you about one of the projects that I worked on at the end of last year that has finally come to fruition! Sephora has just announced the release of a new line of lip gloss from the company on10 featuring Dr Pepper and Schweppes flavors. The Dr Pepper Museum helped provide the artwork for the packaging, which I think turned out very classy looking. I especially love the Berries and Cream lip gloss box because of the wax seal detail and the use of the Sea Nymphs. Click here to go to the on10 page on and get your delish lip gloss made with natural and organic materials!