Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The DPM on the Radio!

Check out the Dr Pepper Museum's Collections Manager, Mary Beth Webster, talking to Harold Nicoll, the host of the popular internet talk show The Collectors Show. She talks with Harold about the origins of Dr Pepper collecting and how you can jump start your own Dr Pepper collection!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Getting Our Name Out There!

This is a presentation put together by David Berkowitz of 360i in New York, NY.  He is one of our followers on Twitter and recently got to visit the Museum and see what we are doing -- both inside the Museum walls and on the internet.  Check it out!

Prototypes and Beyond!

The exhibit team spent last week hard at work installing the latest exhibit here at the museum. It is a process that started several months ago with research. For this exhibit we spent time interviewing members of the Dr Pepper brand team at the Dr Pepper Snapple Group and former employees of packaging manufacturers. With their input, the process that soft drink companies use to develop their products and brand identities emerged along with the amount of consumer product testing that is done. This exhibit will guide you through the development of logos (especially the current Dr Pepper logo) along with bottle and flavor development. (How about some Dr Pepper Cherry?)

With this exhibit, we are adding a few online interactives. When you come to the museum, take your picture beside your favorite Dr Pepper logo. Email, tweet, or upload your picture to our Flickr group, Favorite Dr Pepper Logo Vote! We'll keep a tally posted on our blog and Twitter with your votes! What's your favorite Dr Pepper logo? Will the 1970s logo beat out the Clock Dial for all time favorite? You be the judge!!!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Math Packs!

We trying something new again here at the Dr Pepper Museum. Today we are introducing Math Packs! They are designed to create hands-on learning opportunities for elementary aged kids as they tour the museum with their families! Activities include estimating how much water is in Dr Pepper, how many Dr Pepper bottles would fit into our well, and just how far $5.00 went in the 1930s compared to today! Have fun doing some mathematical thinking and check one out when you purchase your ticket at the museum.

Special Thanks to Dr. Sandi Cooper and her Mathematical Education students at Baylor University for supplying the Math Packs to us!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Shout out!

We got these photos in over the weekend of Mrs. Daughtry's class down in Houston. Each class at her school had the assignment to pick a subject related to Texas and make a float about that theme for a parade. Her class picked Dr Pepper. What a great job they did with their float! Look at those signs! Thanks for sending us the pictures!