Friday, October 19, 2007

October and November FANS OF THE MONTH

Well, I got a little sidetracked earlier this month and didn't get the FAN OF THE MONTH nomination request out very early. Ooops! Fortunately, I had some amazing fans write in and say that they would love to be this month's fans. Since it is already the middle of October and there are two of them, I decided it would be nice to make them the FANS OF THE MONTH for both October and November. Congrats to Tyler and Curtis!!

Here is a little info about Tyler:

For as long as I remember I always liked Dr Pepper. It wasn't until recently that I had discovered my true love for the drink. Now it is the only soda that I buy, I even pick certain restaurants to go to that serve Dr Pepper. Dr Pepper really plays a big part in my life, as soon as I wake up in the morning nothing gets me going better than a nice Dr Pepper. Not only has Dr Pepper helped quench my thirst but it has also brought me one of my best friends. My buddy Curtis and I were friends for several years, but once we found out that we both loved Dr Pepper we soon became best friends. In fact we are making the trip to the Dr Pepper museum all the way from Wisconsin. So remember the next time that you open a Dr Pepper not only will it give you the greatest taste in the world but it could change your life.

Here is a little bit about Curtis:

The first time I had Dr Pepper it was like a light went off in my head, the taste was new to me and yet it was familiar. Needless to say I was hooked, and now I find myself drinking Dr Pepper on a daily basis. As my buddy Tyler said as soon as we both knew that we liked Dr Pepper or D P as we call it we became best friends. We tend to stay up late drinking D P until the sun comes up. In closing my love for Dr Pepper will never diminish and I hope one day to pass my love of D P onto my children.

Thanks Tyler and Curtis for being amazing fans!! Be sure to check back for their road trip diary chronicling their trek to Waco to visit the Museum!

New Website!!!!

Dear Internet Friends:

After much anticipation, The Dr Pepper Museum is proud to announce that our new website will be premiering in the next few weeks. A lot of work has gone into making this a website that you, our internet friends, will easily be able to use as well as interact with the Museum staff and other Dr Pepper enthusiasts in a whole new way. We hope you will check back often to see if the site has launched, and once it does we are sure you are all going to love our new look.

As with all new things, there may be some glitches and problems that need fixing when the site is first introduced. We are preparing for this possibility and are going to fix any problems right away. If for some reason you do experience some problems while using the new site, please be patient with us, and feel free to call 254.757.1025 and ask for one of the following staff members to get assistance with your issue:

For Gift Shop related issues: Connie Finch
For Tour issues: Brian Henson
For Rental issues: Sam Torres
For Collection and general website issues: Mary Beth Webster

We are anticipating that the switch will be smooth and successful, and we welcome your feedback on the new site. Please email us at with any general questions, comments, or suggestions. Thank you for all of your support for our current website, and your patience as we continually improve our online presence.

The Dr Pepper Museum Staff

Friday, October 05, 2007

State Fair of Texas!!

Attention those interested in visiting the State Fair of Texas this year! I am proud to announce that for the second year in a row the Dr Pepper Museum is prominently featured in the Food and Fiber Pavilion at the State Fair of Texas!!! On Monday the 24th we went to Dallas to install the exhibit that Cadbury provides us with. It is such a nice exhibit, and we are so lucky to be right inside the door to the right!!! The exhibit features a time line of Dr Pepper history with many fun artifacts. Things are not the same as last year, so make sure you go see it even if you went last year, too! This year there is even a flat panel TV showing Dr Pepper commercials. To find out more about the State Fair of Texas, including appearances and directions, click HERE! Here are some fun pictures of the exhibit and what is in store for this year's visitors!

The other major thing that is happening here at the Museum is that we are finally ready to start unloading the new Cadbury collection! Yesterday everyone chipped in and we finished putting up the shelving in the biggest room, so we are ready to go! Yay for progress!!!

The other thing that I know you all are anxiously awaiting is the premiere of the new website. I am too!! As with most things, there have been a few snags in the very last steps, but I am confident we will have an amazing new site very, very soon. Keep checking back; it could be any day now!

Finally, it is WAY past due for the October FAN OF THE MONTH!!!!!! Please send your nominations to and I will choose a worthy DP fan.