Wednesday, June 27, 2007


Hello Dr Pepper Museum blog friends! The time has come to announce our first ever FAN OF THE MONTH! Our first fan is Martin Z. and he is receiving this honor because he was kind enough to come to the Museum and see us! He was in Texas for Dublin's birthday celebration, and made a special trip down to Waco to see his internet friends! We asked him to tell us a little about himself and why he loves Dr Pepper...

"I have never known life without Dr Pepper. My father enjoyed Dr Pepper immensely so I grew up with it in our household. Throughout my years of trying various soft drinks and attempts at mimicking the king of beverages, Dr Pepper has remained my favorite soft drink.

I began collecting Dr Pepper items in high school. As friends and family became acquainted with my increasing joy and enthusiasm for Dr Pepper I began to receive various collectibles throughout the year. My collection has steadily grown from cups and bottles to grocery store marketing items, t-shirts, hats, bottle trays, picnic baskets, blankets, a neon sign and other tin signs. The Dr Pepper Museum in Waco has also provided access to many other items that fit my personality.

So what does Dr Pepper mean to me? Here's a story that should illustrate my love for the best soft drink on the planet! A decade ago I began my higher education at a university in Southern California. Though university meal plans were not very spectacular the cafeteria provided many different soft drinks for us. Dr Pepper was one of them. Heaven! During the summer of 1995 the catering company decided to switch vendors. We returned from a glorious summer only to find that Dr Pepper had been removed, replaced by a competing vendor that will not be named. Nooooo! This could not be! Could I switch schools? No, too drastic! Motivated by this sad turn of events, some fellow Dr Pepper fans and I began a petition campaign to encourage the catering company to seek a special exemption for Dr Pepper. We continually left voice messages, cafeteria notes, and other items to illustrate the loss that we felt. Above and beyond this I gathered together some good friends who loved Dr Pepper and we began the groundwork to form the Biola Society of Dr Pepper Drinkers, commonly known as the Dr Pepper Club. With over 100 people "signed up" for the club we provided additional leverage to bring our friend back to college with us. Our efforts succeeded! On September 26, 1995 at approximately 2pm in the afternoon, the catering company installed Dr Pepper in the soft drink fountain! As fate would have it, later that evening we held our first official meeting of the Dr Pepper Club. It was a magnificent occasion and we celebrated with a toast to Dr Pepper! Go team!

My love for Dr Pepper has not diminished. I bring my enthusiasm for Dr Pepper wherever I go and wherever I work. I encourage fellow Dr Pepper drinkers and look for opportunities to introduce others to the joy that is Dr Pepper."

Thank you Martin for your support of Dr Pepper and the Dr Pepper Museum!!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

3 New Things to Watch For!!!!!

Hello Dr Pepper Museum blog fans! Here are three new events/items for you to partake in in the coming months!! To contact us about any of these things, please email us at!!

#1 Fourth of July Military Appreciation Day!

On July 4, 2007 all visitors who show a valid military ID will receive free admission to the museum! Please also remember to purchase a Victory Float in the soda fountain in our souvenir cups featuring toy army men and green straws! The week of July 2-6 is also the last week to see the Dr Pepper and the Military exhibit! Soft Drink Sweethearts will be making its debut the very next week, so don't miss out on a chance to learn all about Dr Pepper's long relationship with America's armed forces.

And remember... The Dr Pepper Museum is open from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm Monday through Saturday and 12:00 pm to 5:00 pm on Sundays. THE LAST TICKET TO THE MUSEUM GALLERY IS SOLD AT 4:15 ON ALL DAYS. The gift shop and the soda fountain are open until 5:00.

#2 The Arrival of our 1 Millionth Visitor is Fast Approaching!

August/September is when we expect our 1 millionth visitor to walk through the door, and a celebration is in order! The 1 millionth visitor will receive a life membership to the Museum, Dr Pepper/Cadbury product, gift cards to both the soda fountain and gift shop, flowers, and will be featured in press releases sent out to both local and major publications. Their picture will be proudly displayed in the Museum, and there will be fanfare in general. We look forward to this momentous occasion, and the sooner we get there the sooner we can celebrate and start working on the next million. Please visit our website to plan your trip to the Dr Pepper Museum!


We are adding a new feature called FAN OF THE MONTH where YOU tell us why you should be the the Dr Pepper Museum FAN OF THE MONTH!!! Each FAN OF THE MONTH will get their own blog post where they get to write in about why they like Dr Pepper and the Dr Pepper Museum! We will also ask that you send in a picture for the blog and for us to put up in the Museum! We will be drawing mainly from our online fan base, but will also go through the guest registers that you sign when you come in the Museum. Would you like to be our next FAN OF THE MONTH?!?!? Email us at and let us know!!

Thursday, June 07, 2007

New Things are Happening

Craziness has erupted here at the DPM! We are in the middle of moving our collection into a new storage facility, and anyone who has been in the middle of a move before KNOWS how crazy it is! To see a tour of the new facility, press PLAY below. We also did a new podcast, so make sure you check that out to find out all about the move, cell phone tours, and a few featured items.

CELL PHONE TOURS ARE HERE!! Please try them out when you come to the Museum. They are FREE!! Also, don't forget that you can download the tour to your MP3 player before you come!! If you can't come to the Museum but you still want to learn a bunch of fun stuff about Dr Pepper, make sure you check out the podcast.


As some of you may know, but most probably do not, we send out occasional gift shop email newsletters that contain new items plus good discounts. They are the BEST way to find out about new merchandise here at the Dr Pepper Museum Gift Shop!! If you would like to be on the mailing list for the gift shop email newsletters, please let me know by emailing from a valid email address with SUBSCRIBE in the subject line. We are about to do a new one, so don't be left out! Email us today!