Friday, December 01, 2006

Miss Texas Was Here!

Today around 10:00 am Jessica Harris gave a tour to Miss Texas USA, Magen Ellis. She was on a tour of the local area cultural spots such as the Dr Pepper Museum, The Texas Sports Hall of Fame, and the Texas Ranger Museum. Check out the pics of Magen and her visit, and be sure to watch her try for the role of Miss USA in the spring of 2007!!


Morgan Winstead 10 year old said...

I absouloutly love Dr.Pepper im Morgan im a little girl doing a report on Dr,Pepper. My email is Bye Guess what im drinking ???? An old version of Dr. Pepper . Manly at 10 2 and 4 lol bye . (SCREAMS!!!!!!!!!)

Anonymous said...

Hey There! I am at Morgan Winsteads house! I was googliling her and I found this and she was all like "Oh I posted that! Ah ha ha!" Funny Huh!