Tuesday, March 13, 2007

10-2-4 Convention Here We Come!

Well, we are actually coming from the 10-2-4 Convention, but whatev! As some of you may know, collecting Dr Pepper memorabilia is a pretty big deal to some people, and every year Waco is home to the 10-2-4 Collector's Club Convention. The Museum hosts a reception every year, and the staff always participate in the events. This year the recpetion was made even better by the addition of our cars and wagons in the courtyard, and Mary Beth, jessica, and Carrie gave a riveting seminar on Friday morning. Our seminar was about how the individual collectors can care for their objects, and we gave them tips on how we do it at the museum, as well as insights into what professionals do. We are not professionals here at the museum, but we practice preventive conservation, which means we are trying to stop any further damage to the objects, and not necissarily trying to reverse the damage already done. The theme of the convention this year was "Dr Pepper at the Movies," so to entertain the crowd and get them interested in our seminar, Jessica and I made a video! This is a big deal for us as newbies to the film-making industry, but I think we did a pretty decent job! The premise is that we are following three Dr Pepper stars, which are three different objects, and learning about how they are cared for on the "set." And because our blog fans are so wonderful, we are including the hilarious blooper reel exclusively on the blog!!! Check em' out!



Below are some pictures from the events of the convention!!!

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