Thursday, April 26, 2007

Random Musings of a Director of Exhibitions and Collections

Hello out there in blogger land! Just thought I would do a little free writing and spill what's going on over here at the DP Muse!!!

I just posted our second video blog and I think it's pretty good, especially our commercial. Check it out below this entry!! We also did a blooper reel that to Mary Beth and me is HI LAR IOUS!!!

What else is going on! The Collections Department (Carrie, Mary Beth and I ) are semi-twiddling our thumbs waiting for doorknobs/locks and the security system to be installed over in the next building so we can start moving our collections into our beautiful new storage facility. The guys are doing a fantastic job but we are getting anxious to get over there!!! Here are a few pictures of the almost completed area:

Mid-construction (note the lights)

Looking better!
Awesome!!! (note the lights!!!)
Now I need to mention that most if not all the ceiling tiles are in place and the floor is being painted.

Two weeks ago we had these great guys come over from Southwest Solutions Group to install our Spacesavers. Spacesavers are mobile shelving units that lay on a track. They have been sitting in the building for several years collecting dust so Mary Beth and I had to clean them off. It was pretty disgusting.

Jessica and Mary Beth wearing protective gear!!!

Mary Beth demonstrating Spacesavers

We are totally stoked about these things because it condenses the space and allows for more storage capacity. Woot woot! (and I've just been informed that Mary Beth has already blogged about this...but I don't's a big deal!!!!)

Ok. How about Dr Pepper news!!! There is a new promotion/reality TV show on MTV called Band in a Bubble. You have GOT to check it out!!!

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