Thursday, June 07, 2007

New Things are Happening

Craziness has erupted here at the DPM! We are in the middle of moving our collection into a new storage facility, and anyone who has been in the middle of a move before KNOWS how crazy it is! To see a tour of the new facility, press PLAY below. We also did a new podcast, so make sure you check that out to find out all about the move, cell phone tours, and a few featured items.

CELL PHONE TOURS ARE HERE!! Please try them out when you come to the Museum. They are FREE!! Also, don't forget that you can download the tour to your MP3 player before you come!! If you can't come to the Museum but you still want to learn a bunch of fun stuff about Dr Pepper, make sure you check out the podcast.


As some of you may know, but most probably do not, we send out occasional gift shop email newsletters that contain new items plus good discounts. They are the BEST way to find out about new merchandise here at the Dr Pepper Museum Gift Shop!! If you would like to be on the mailing list for the gift shop email newsletters, please let me know by emailing from a valid email address with SUBSCRIBE in the subject line. We are about to do a new one, so don't be left out! Email us today!

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