Friday, October 05, 2007

State Fair of Texas!!

Attention those interested in visiting the State Fair of Texas this year! I am proud to announce that for the second year in a row the Dr Pepper Museum is prominently featured in the Food and Fiber Pavilion at the State Fair of Texas!!! On Monday the 24th we went to Dallas to install the exhibit that Cadbury provides us with. It is such a nice exhibit, and we are so lucky to be right inside the door to the right!!! The exhibit features a time line of Dr Pepper history with many fun artifacts. Things are not the same as last year, so make sure you go see it even if you went last year, too! This year there is even a flat panel TV showing Dr Pepper commercials. To find out more about the State Fair of Texas, including appearances and directions, click HERE! Here are some fun pictures of the exhibit and what is in store for this year's visitors!

The other major thing that is happening here at the Museum is that we are finally ready to start unloading the new Cadbury collection! Yesterday everyone chipped in and we finished putting up the shelving in the biggest room, so we are ready to go! Yay for progress!!!

The other thing that I know you all are anxiously awaiting is the premiere of the new website. I am too!! As with most things, there have been a few snags in the very last steps, but I am confident we will have an amazing new site very, very soon. Keep checking back; it could be any day now!

Finally, it is WAY past due for the October FAN OF THE MONTH!!!!!! Please send your nominations to and I will choose a worthy DP fan.

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Anonymous said...

On Tuesdays, Dr. Pepper is sponsoring a Texas State Fair special - "Dr Pepper $3 Tuesdays", bring one (empty) can of regular or diet Dr. Pepper and get into the fair for $3. If after 6PM, it's $6 (any day).