Saturday, July 22, 2006

Dr Pepper Museum on the CBS Early Show!!

Well, we did it!! Jennie Sheppard was successfully interviewed on the CBS Early Show and the Dr Pepper Museum and Dr Pepper in general was proudly displayed for the nation. Check out these pics from yesterday morning!

The early morning crowd. This was at about 5:15 am!

The CBS Great American Vacation Winnebago.

The crowd with the suspension bridge and the Alico building in the background.

One of my favorite shots. The is the crowd on the suspension bridge with the shadows of the ground crowd in the foreground. The shadow was caused by the lights used for filming.

Josh, David, and Sunny waiting for their close-up! Ok, not really, but waiting for SOMETHING to happen.

Jennie with the mic on her shirt and the Sugar Cane Dr Pepper in her hand for Dave Price. He is about to interview her!

Me (Mary Beth, on the left) and Carrie at about 6:00 am waiting to pass 0ut Dr Peppers.

The crowd once the sun came up.

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