Tuesday, July 11, 2006

The First Ever Post!! And just in time, too....

Hello Dr Pepper Lovers! This is Mary Beth, the Research Associate here at the Dr Pepper Museum, and I am proud to announce the arrival of the Dr Pepper Museum into the 21st century! In addition to this blog, we recently added podcasting as an alternative to our audio wand tour, and I am currently working on updating the website. The website is in serious need of a facelift, so we branched out into the unknown and purchased our own web design software, which I have been attempting to learn over the past few days. Another exciting event on the horizon is the expansion of the museum into the Kellum-Rotan building accross the courtyard. We will start moving our collection this fall, with our offices, the gift shop, the soda fountain, and many new exhibits soon to follow.

The most recent large project we completed was the restoration of our wagons. Last year we purchased two beverage wagons that we have been slowly restoring for use in our transportation exhibit. One is a 1910 dray wagon, which has its original body and undercarriage, and the other is a three-tiered wagon that was rebuilt in the 1960s. We restored the dray wagon to make it look like a Wells-Fargo wagon that would have been rented to the Artesian Manufacturing and Bottling Co. to cart large barrells of syrup all over town. The other was restoed to look like the wagons that were owned by the Artesian Manufacturing and Bottling Co. It is dark green with bright yellow decals, so I am sure Baylor will like it as well. They both look amazing, and after spending a whole month painting, I am glad they turned out so well. They made their debut over the Fourth of July Weekend, and they will be back on display indoors once the Kellum-Rotan expansion is completed.

These are just a few of the projects that are in the works right now, and more updates are sure to come, so stay tuned!!

Delivering Just what the Doctor Ordered,

Mary Beth

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