Tuesday, August 29, 2006

A Slew of Services!

As some of you might already have noticed, a few new services have been added to the blog courtesy of our membership to www.bravenet.com, which is a webhosting and webtool site. Now that I have the blog taken care of, I am going to working on making the same services available on the Museum's main website, www.drpeppermuseum.com. Here is a quick overview of the services you see on the right hand toolbar:

First is the guestbook, which is meant to serve as an electronic version of the paper one that is available for guests to sign as you walk into the Museum. The problem with the paper one is there is basically no room to write a personal note or to leave feedback, so it really is just a ledger of names. However, with the electronic guestbook, you can leave the Museum staff details about your visit and more specific info on yourself! We love to hear from visitors and Dr Pepper lovers in general, so go ahead and drop us a note!

The second one you see is a FAQ service, which many of you will find helpful since it answers the most common questions we get on a daily basis, such as "Is there prune juice in Dr Pepper?" and "Does Coke own Dr Pepper?" Still have a question? Would you like to see it on the FAQ? Just email us at

The third, and my personal favorite, is the e-card service. From our bank of nostalgic logos and photos we chosen some fun and colorful popular images to be in our e-card selection. The image is provided, and you fill in the rest! Add effects and background colors as well. These are perfect for the Dr Pepper lover in your life, and best of all, it's FREE!! So go ahead and start wishing everyone the appropriate occasion with a DP e-card, and if there is an image you would love to see, just email us at dp-info@drpeppermuseum.com and we will try to put it in the next round. They will change periodically, so be watchin!!

A feature that has been on the blog for a mere week is the hit counter, and in that short amount of time almost 400 of you have visited our blog! That is amazing, and we are so grateful for the support. It boggles my mind to think how many people have visited in the entire time the blog has been up, which is about two months. Keep supporting us and we will make it a priority to have new and fresh things on a weekly basis!!

Interested in starting a website? Do you have a blog? Go to www.bravenet.com for all of the services you see offered here and more!

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