Monday, August 14, 2006

White House Press Corps Day!

Based on our exposure during the CBS Early Show, the Dr Pepper Museum was invited to Crawford, TX to pass out Dr Pepper floats to the members of the White House Press Corps that were in town with the President on his vacation. Jennie Sheppard, David Sims, and myself (Mary Beth) volunteered to go to the Western White House. I had never been there before, so we stopped at the little coffee shop to have lunch, and were immediately surrounded by people in the press corps. The atmosphere was great because there we so many people, and it was interesting to see how the little town of Crawford has grown throughout Bush's presidency.

After lunch we went to Crawford Middle School and set up our booth. There were a lot of people, and the best part was seeing the podium set up where they do press conferences. We had a little competition for our floats, but the crowd was pretty good. Our first sighting was Tony Snow, who is President Bush's White House Press Secretary. He was very nice and took pictures with us and signed autographs. Next we spotted the White House Chief of Staff Joshua Bolten, who was having a lot of fun playing with the Jack Russell Terrier that one of the press people had brought. Things really started to pick up when Karl Rove arrived, who is the White House Deputy Chief of Staff. He came over and got a float after talking to many people, and then wanted to have his picture taken with us. He was so excited about the cups with the logos and kept yelling "10-2-4" to Tony Snow, who was taking our picture with my camera! They were all so nice, and we had a blast mingling, serving Dr Pepper, and getting to witness the day in the life of a traveling journalist.

As we were packing up Tony Snow started his press conference from the podium in the Crawford High gymnasium, so we ended the day with a reality check about current events, and all in all had a very warm reception. Even the Secret Service guys were great! So scroll down to check out the pictures of our exciting day!

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