Saturday, September 16, 2006

100th Birthday Block Party!!

Last night, as a precursor to the event that is happening RIGHT NOW at the Museum, we held a block party for the employees of our neighboring businesses and their families, and it was so much fun! There was food, HUGE blow-up Dr Pepper cans, and free Museum visits for all! Check out the pictures of last night's event, and if you have been trying to decide if you should come today or not, just imagine this times about 200, and that is the fun that is happening RIGHT NOW AT THE DR PEPPER MUSEUM!! We would be so happy to see you for games, cake, freshly-cooked sausage, free admission, refreshing soda fountain favorites, and a wide variety of Dr Pepper items in the gift shop!

The courtyard before our guests started to arrive. The big can is here today, too!

The Big Can!!

Our lineup of vehicles. Today there is also a 2005 Cadillac to show the difference 100 years makes!

The 1905 Cadillac.

Grilling sausage!!

Mary Beth, Jessica, and Jennie -- our staffers!!

The food line.

This little guy was so cute! He wanted to do everything for himself!

"I can make it on my own!!"

Guests eating on the dock. It was really hot!!

Our sponsors!

The soda fountain.

Mary Beth as the soda jerk! Only for a minute, until she was rescued by Brian!!

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