Monday, September 25, 2006

Vegas Day two

Hello all Dr Pepper lovers! Tomorrow marks the beginning of the 2006 Dr Pepper Bottler's Convention in beautiful Las Vegas, NV, and Museum staff members Jack, Jennie, Mary Beth, and Jack's wife Linda are here to report on all the happenings. Yesterday and today were spent in hard labor getting the Company Store ready for the extreme shopping that is going to happen tomorrow, and as this was my (Mary Beth) first venture into the world of retail, I must say it is not often in my life I have worked as hard as I did today. Tomorrow the convention officially begins, so there will be many pics to come of the success of the Museum at this very special Bottler's Convention. Let me say though that the Wynn, where we are staying, thinks it is appropriate to charge us $11.99 for 24 hours of internet access, and the ONLY reason I paid for it is because I had a paper due, so to all readers thank Latin American History class for this update of recent happenings. The point is that I may not be able to update again until we get back, but be reassured that there will be lots to come, whether it is now or later. So since I am going to squeeze every PENNY out of my 24 hours, check out the pics so far:

Mary Beth and Jennie on the plane finally! Our flight was delayed about two and a half hours!

The convention registration booth!

Linda taking pictures of us working!

I am obviously happy about it... And I look like I am balding slightly:(

But Jennie is just plain confused...

More to come pepper party people!! If you want more sooner call the Wynn and sponsor an internet day for me at $11.99!!

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Fancy Dirt said...

I noticed years ago, when I moved away from Texas, that Dr. Pepper did not taste the same, and the taste was not as good as it had been. I was very upset by the change. I tried calling the bottler to complain about the taste, but they didn't understand that I was complaining because I LOVED Dr. Pepper, and they just wanted to send me coupons for Coke, which I do not drink, rather than address the change in taste.

I just learned that real Dr. Pepper still exists, but is only available from the original plant where it was first made in Dublin, TX! I can not tell you how excited I am to find out that I can buy it from them!
I would love it if it could be made it with cane sugar instead of corn syrup, which I'm told that is the main difference. It could be marketed it as Original Recipe or Dublin Dr. Pepper, but please, help make it avilable again!!!!!