Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Texas State Fair & BIG NEWS!!!!

Ok, while Mary Beth and Jennie were living it up in Las Vegas I was toiling in Dallas getting ready for the annual Texas State Fair exhibit. It was a collaboration with Cadbury Schweppes Americas Beverages (CSAB) and the DP Museum to exhibit an historical time line of Dr Pepper. I helped write the text and supplied collection pieces for part of the display. It was really a fun project! I also got to do some sound bytes for a corporate press release. What on you may ask? Well. Here is some big news for the museum. Corporate headquarters has their own collection of soft drink memorabilia. Around 70,000 objects value at over $2 million and they are loaning it to us on a permanent basis. This is a HUGE deal!!! The musuem only has 20,000 objects and the addition of CSABs collection will enhance our exhibits three fold! Fortunately we are working on expanding our storage space next door and have a special room set aside just for this collection. Awesome!!!

I went up to Dallas last Saturday and looked to see if people were taking a look at the exhibit. OMG!!! It was like a cattle stampede except really really slow. There were soooo many people!!! On average, the Texas State Fair receives over 3 million visitors. WOW!!!! If you have a chance, go see the exhibit. It's in the Food & Fiber Pavilion. The show's almost over!!! Last day is Sunday, October 22.

The 2006 Texas State Fair!

The clock tower at our booth

More excited visitors!

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