Thursday, October 19, 2006

New Radio Show!!

Hello to all of our loyal Radio Show listeners!! Today Jessica and Mary Beth posted another installment of their Radio Show Podcast, which you can listen to on this page with the player, or visit our site at

On this episode we discuss a frequently asked question, dispel another urban myth and legend, and talk about an upcoming exhibit that YOU can help us with! There is also some additional silliness at the end which includes a "White and Nerdy" section where we talk about our recent technology purchase! Check it out and leave comments about what YOU want to hear us talk about! This show is for YOU people! So let us know!!

Remember to check out our gift shop website at to get our featured item of the month which is all of our I'm a Pepper merchandise. Jessica and Mary Beth are wearing a selection of I'm a Pepper stuff in the photo that accompanies our 2nd and 3rd podcast episodes!


Clay Bethelbridge said...

Your website is GREAT!!!! I often talk about Dr. Pepper on my blog. I am gonna try and make plans to visit your museum if my uncle can drive me.

Clay Bethelbridge said...

I put up a post about your site on my site because I like it so much. I used a picture of Jack with the funny sunglasses. I can take it down if you dont like it. Thank you.