Thursday, August 02, 2007

1 Millionth Visitor!!! The Time is Drawing Near!

OK, people here is the deal. The Museum staff are SO excited because in about a month our 1 MILLIONTH VISITOR will walk through the doors. This is a huge deal for us because we are a small operation here at the DPM, yet people from all over the world continue to hunt us down in order to learn more about Dr Pepper. We would like to recognize all of the locals, tourists, school groups, reluctant teens who were dragged here by their parents, and everyone else who has made this milestone possible. We are about to pass the 996,000 mark either today or tomorrow, and the lookout will begin for our 1 millionth visitor. We encourage all of you, our loyal fans, to come to the Museum and help us reach the 1 million mark. Who knows, maybe YOU will be the 1 millionth visitor!!

A few sneak peeks at the perks of being the 1 millionth visitor:

~gift certificates
~Dr Pepper (just maybe!)

And so much more... You will just have to find out for yourself when YOU become our 1 millionth visitor!

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