Monday, December 15, 2008

The Cooler Crowd

Come join the Cooler Crowd as they party in our new exhibit gallery! As they talk to each other and you, you'll learn what it is like to be a vending machine from a hundred years ago and what is like to work on the front line today! Come visit with them!

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Anonymous said...

Mary Beth,
My, My, My! This cooler collection was outstanding! My favorite, favorite is the Selectivend 48. My dad had one placed by the front door when you came into his Dr Pepper Bottling Plant. The coin mechanism was removed and all you had to do was push a little button over and push the crank down and Wha La, a free ice cold Dr Pepper. Everybody in Dalhart knew how to do this and they all visited frequently! I did it to your machine yesterday and it still works, but I didn't get a free Dr Pepper:(!

It was great seeing you at the convention. You all did a fantastic job with your "Old Waco" presentation. I learned a lot!!
See you again soon,
David Bryant