Monday, February 02, 2009

Rock the Clock!

Tic, Toc, Tic, Toc! Time for a Cold Doc! Come on over to the museum and see our clock collection. It's available to see every day except Sunday at 10 am. Plus 2 and 4! Have you ever wondered why companies advertised on a clock? A clock is something people look at throughout the day on a regular basis and an ad on that clock sure would make you remember the product! And Dr Pepper had those great times for you to watch the clock--10, 2, and 4! The museum has many clocks and watches featuring soft drink logos over the years. This exhibit opened January 31st and will run through August! Don't forget to rock the clock by getting a cold Doc in the soda fountain at 10, 2, or 4 o'clock! (Or any other time for that matter!)


Anonymous said...

Mary Beth,
My sister & I visited the museum yesterday and the Dr Pepper Clock display was fabulous! All of the clocks (especially 1960 and older) brought back wonderful memories of our Dr Pepper past. I favor the Dr Pepper Bottle Cap clock and my sister likes the GE 1939 one with the glass face. She was fortunate enough to buy one from Mr. Agee at the swap meet.
Great Job!! Keep It Up!!!
David Bryant

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