Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Summer Camp: Week 1

Long hot summer days and the smell of Dr Pepper and ice cream in the air can only mean one thing; it is time for summer camp! The first week of camp was fun. This week had only about eight kids but they made it a blast! We had children as far away as Austin attended this week’s camp. On the first day the campers did a Create a Soft Drink Program where they combined 3 different flavors to make their own soda drink. Popular flavors were grape, pineapple, and green apple. (Thanks to Jell-Craft in San Antonio for getting us some great new flavors!) After they created their soft drink they performed commercials advertising their new product. On the second day, Soda Jerk Academy, the campers made many different sweets using both soda and ice cream. They also jerked their own soda drinks in our soda fountain. We had children turning down ice cream! They left that day with a full stomach. The third day was Soda Pop Science. The children learned about water filters and about the science behind soda drinks. One experiment had kids blowing up balloons using baking soda and vinegar. At the end of that day it was time for more ice cream—the old-fashioned way. And they didn’t turn it down this time, when you put that much work into it, you have to eat it. The last day of camp was Pop Art Day. During this day students learned about different types of art and created their own art. They created their own modern art paintings using soda straws and paint. They also created their own picture frame with Dr Pepper bottle caps to place a picture of them to remember their time here.

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