Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Summer Camp: Week 2

The Second Week of Summer Camp has come and gone. It was much busier than the first week of camp. There were twenty-nine kids that attended camp this week. We had many interesting characters attend this week of camp. . We had brothers and sisters, cousins, friends, and neighbors that came to camp. We had several people from San Antonio and everywhere around Texas attending this week’s camp.. The same 4 programs again this week, but it was definitely a bit livelier than the previous week. On the Create a Soft Drink day we had a group create Funky Monkey and created a commercial making monkey noises. On Soda Pop Science Day, there was more homemade ice cream along with homemade silly putty for creeping out camp counselors. On the Pop Art Day, straw painting got a bit wilder this time with all the kids, but thankfully the walls didn’t get a new coat of paint. With Summer Camp, there is a day for every kid to love and there are still a few spots open for our last week in August.

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