Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Out of the Ordinary Visitor

This morning we had a unique visitor here at the museum. Julie Ann O'Connell, a former Dr Pepper ad model, came by on a tour with a group from Dallas. She brought with her a copy of an advertisement from Holland's Magazine from the late 1930s that she was in!

Mrs. O'Connell said that she was 3 at the time of the ad and that she got this opportunity through friends of her parents that worked for the Dr Pepper Company in Dallas. She told us that she remembers drinking Dr Pepper while the photographs were taken and that they were constantly getting a new bottle for her to hold because they wanted the bottle to be full! That smile is definitely the genuine thing! All the yummy Dr Pepper she could drink!

Mrs. O'Connell is still a Dr Pepper drinker today and has passed a copy of the ad onto her granddaughter who has it hanging in her bedroom.

Thanks for coming and sharing your ad with us, Mrs. O'Connell!

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